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50% OFF🔥Personalized Name Mirror - Light Up Mirror

50% OFF🔥Personalized Name Mirror - Light Up Mirror

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This super stylish personalized name mirror with LED lighting is a perfect and unique edition to any youngsters bedroom. they will love lighting up the personalized mirror and seeing their own name in lights.

This eye-catching personalized name mirror makes the perfect gift and it will be cherished and loved for many years to come by the recipient

Includes remote control for LED lighting and chrome wall mounting stand offs.

Please note

you can change the colors on the product via the remote control supplied you do not select the colors while ordering.

The name mirror is made with safety in mind. we use acrylic safety mirror which lightweight and shatterproof.

additional information:

What's in the box?

✔️ Mirror with any name engraved

✔️ LED lighting with USB CABLE

Acrylic safety mirror is lightweight and shatterproof

✔️ Wall Mounting Stand Offs

✔️ Remote Control (If you have checked this option)

✔️ Mirror protective film

How long will it take to make?(Production Time)

STOP! PLEASE READ – This is our busiest time of the year and we currently estimate our production time to be 14 working days due to high demand but our lovely customers will tell you they are worth the wait.

Product sizes

400mm x 200mm
510mm x 250mm
USB CABLE SIZE 1.5 meters long


High quality official acrylic

Acrylic safety mirror is lightweight and shatterproof

* Tip: Please carefully remove the mirror protective film after receiving the goods.

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